Lively inspiring vision is always personal.

Having Vision

flows FROM knowing
and leading yourself

How well do you know and lead yourself?  The better you do, the clearer your vision will be, the greater your passion and drive to reach it, and the more effective you will be at actually getting there.


flows FROM knowing
and leading others

How well do you know and lead those you work toward your vision with?  The better you know them, and the better they know themselves, the greater your success will be toward sharing the vision and truly achieving it together.


“Invita” means “into life.”  Our passion is to help individuals see their hopes and dreams come to life, and to help teams and organizations succeed at reaching the bold visions they aspire to. 


We coach individual leaders and managers to:

  • Know themselves and others better

  • Set and pursue goals

  • Overcome obstacles

  • Emerge as more effective leaders who continue to learn and grow long after the coaching process.


We also consult with teams, designing and facilitating tailored leadership development programs that typically combine individual coaching and team development activities, all geared toward improving leadership, performance, and culture company-wide.