What People Say

"When my thriving small company was acquired by a multi-billion dollar powerhouse, my role as a product manager suddenly changed in all kinds of ways.  So I called Matt Dorn for help.  He is a smart strategist and creative problem solver with a knack for understanding people.   He listened well, quickly understood my unique situation, and offered logical models that helped me handle various challenges. 

I get the feeling Matt is a very different kind of coach to each person he works with, depending on their needs and style -- that's the difference between true wisdom and straight experience."

Stephen—Program Director, Global Educational Publishing Firm

"Mark is the rare executive coach who can help you look inside and understand yourself, enabling you to better lead others. Whether you’re looking to grow in your current role or move into a new role or company, Mark will help you think through where you can have the greatest impact. Mark emphasizes playing to your strengths while acknowledging your weaknesses and surrounding yourself with those that are strong where you're weak. 

Mark has also helped me think about workplace dynamics in my company, positioning me to better understand those I lead and those who lead me. The result has been stronger workplace relationships, enabling me to offer more creative and ultimately more profitable solutions to the strategic challenges I face daily."

Dan—Senior Manager, Solutions Consulting at Inkling

"Every time I interact with Mark I become a sharper and more effective leader. Mark challenges me to rethink issues and come at my conclusions from a different angle. Invariably I begin to see new things and perspectives that I would not have considered without my time with Mark. As a result, I am much better leader and man today than I was whenever I first met Mark. 

Mark has also helped me in the area of staff development as I have had him speak to my staff on different occasions. In the same way that he has challenged me to rethink my own paradigm, he has done this for my staff as well. This has led to increased understanding, communication, and team unity for which I am very grateful. My staff is more effective, harmonious, and well rounded as a result of our time with Mark."

Stowe—Global Student Mobalizer

"Matt helped me have a higher confidence in tackling challenging projects and problems, particularly through understanding and leveraging my personal style and preferences.   I appreciated that Matt did not just launch into his agenda, but instead met me where I was and let me guide where I needed a hand and he worked from there.  Along the way, he left me with reusable tools such as a strategic planning and goal setting framework that I still use to this day."

Jim—IT Executive, Global Pharma Company