Who We Are

You don't really know someone until you know their story ...

More recently the journeys of these two friends have re-converged.  They now both live and work in the San Francisco Bay Area, excited to be partners in a professional coaching and consulting practice built upon their deep trust and shared values. Leveraging their diverse leadership and learning experiences, Mark and Matt are passionate helping leaders become more confident and compelling, having a greater and more satisfying impact in what they have been called to do.  


The story of Invita Consulting has its roots in Ithaca, NY, where two friends—a PhD student at Cornell and a technology entrepreneur from MIT—spent time together regularly encouraging one another in their respective journeys through life.  Under-girded by this season of mutual coaching, their friendship stayed strong even as career opportunities scattered them to different parts of the country over the years. But along the way, their early experience of mutual encouragement led both of them to grow as coaches to many others, both professionally and personally.

Founding Partners


Mark A Case, PhD

Mark has a unique blend of academic rigor (Cornell PhD in philosophy) and years of leading teams and developing leaders in academia, the non-profit sector, and the business world. He is an avid reader who is able to bring great ideas to bear on practical problems.

Mark is passionate about helping leaders come to know and lead themselves better in order to lead others more effectively. He understands the complex relational dynamics of leadership contexts, and thus is able to provide transformational coaching and consulting to leaders at all levels. 

But to really know Mark, you'd have to catch a glimpse of his smile while fly fishing with an old friend, mastering a new board game, or entertaining friends & family around his large dining room table. 

Matt Dorn 2015-01.jpg

Matt Dorn

Matt is a process thinker (MIT aero engineer) with lots of leadership experience -- former USAF officer, corporate VP, consultant, entrepreneur, and board member of several non-profits. He understands people, technology, and organizational change.

Matt is a creative coach who loves to come alongside leaders to help them find their voice -their unique niche and style in which they can thrive professionally and personally.

He is also great at helping organizations design and implement multi-level learning approaches, believing that faster learning teams are the ones that win in the end. 

Behind the scenes, Matt loves scoring 7-letter words in Scrabble, hiking the many great trails in the Bay Area, and playing Ultimate Frisbee.