What We Do

Cultivating Confident, Compelling Leadership
through Keen Awareness and Practical Insight

Confident leadership begins with Keen Awareness

Keen awareness is about understanding yourself well enough to know when you are driven by your own fears, insecurities, or biases rather than a clear-eyed sense of personal vision and core convictions. Keenly aware leaders are confident yet humble, commanding yet gracious, decisive yet flexible, authoritative yet approachable.

Confident compelling leadership also requires Practical Insight 

Practical insight is about understanding those you lead, understanding them well enough to inspire, motivate and position them to wield their skills, talents and capacities to make their best contribution.  


Coaching and Organizational Consulting

We provide leaders with seasons of purposeful, individualized coaching to help them gain such keen awareness of self and practical insight about their professional contexts and teams. This enables them to set and reach goals, overcome obstacles, and emerge as more effective leaders who continue to learn and grow long after the coaching season.

In parallel, we provide organizations with leadership consultations aimed at improving leadership company-wide through a tailored mix of coaching key individuals, implementing leadership learning strategies in group settings, and helping troubleshoot broader leadership issues.